Monday, May 4, 2015

Craft your own phone with FONKRAFT modular phone

Are you bored with your existing phone? Don't worry, now you can craft phone of your choice. Really? Yes! But how?

Fonkraft is introducing modular smartphone - one phone many options. You can change and upgrade all parts of your phone at any time with low costs. For example, you are going on trip with friends to visit mountains, beach etc and you want to capture your favorite places but camera of your smart phone is just 2 Megapixels, you can upgrade your camera with existing smart phone without changing mobile phone. You can upgrade CPU / GPU or a battery to level 2. If you know about Project Ara, it is the same thing here.
Fonkraft Technologies is offering this smart phone for only 99 USD. You can pre-order this phone now. Here is video:

Learn more about Fonkraft – world’s first crowdsourced modular smartphoneat :

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