Thursday, July 14, 2011

Twitter Follow Button introduced for Site Owners

Twitter recently introduced Twitter Follow Button in competition to Facebook’s Like Box widget for all website owners. This button will let users subscribe to Twitter accounts of the websites without leaving the site. Which essentially means, like Facebook widgets, users will be able to follow any account right from the website without ever leaving to to follow any account.
This is one of the direly needed features in Twitter as users find it really nuisance to go and visit Twitter’s website to follow any account. And also, it will help users stay on the same site helping site owners keeping the visitor on the same site and not letting them to skip to Twitter’s site to follow their account.

Moreover, a popup window opens whenever a visitor clicks on Twitter Follow Button ID. This lets visitor to have a glimpse of the Twitter account. It mentions the account picture, description and total number of followers of that Twitter account.

Twitter Follow Button Setup:
Twitter Follow Button is easy to setup and can be setup in three simple steps.
Visit Twitter Follow Button site.
Enter your Twitter ID (e.g urhabib)
Select a background; Dark or Light.
Select whether you want to show your visitor count on the site or not.

You can also select other supported languages for your Twitter Button.

As mentioned in Twitter blog, if you are still looking for old Twitter buttons you can access them on Twitter Buttons page.

Twitter launched this feature with around 50 partners but this is available for every user. I believe this will greatly help the site owners in a significant increase in follower subscriptions without letting anyone skip the site. So, get a Twitter Follow Button for your website and increase your Twitter followers.
See demo and click on the button:

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