Saturday, May 21, 2011

Scenes after protest against WAPDA due to heavy load shedding.

Power crisis is becoming a giant in Pakistan. Everyday comes with a more shortfall in the production of power. Due to this all sector of daily life are suffering very badly. It was Wednesday (18.05.2011) evening when I reached home at 06:00pm and there was electricity supply downed in our village. Next morning, I got up early and went to Masjid for Fajr Prayer and there was short of water and electricity supply was still downed. I was ready for office at 06:30am with the will to take bath in the market along side of office. Suddenly, bulb started burning....Oh! Good! Electricity is back.... 

I reached office, worked and listened about the electricity failure for whole last night. Then there were protests in the city for Electricity failure. I read a news about 7000 MW shortfall of Electricity production. Protesters came in front of our office and  started to throw bricks and stones towards boundary wall, shouting bad names of WAPDA and its employees.

I want to tell you all that we are not living in paradise or in a different place. We are facing the same problems like you. Do not think negatively about WAPDA employees. Demonstrations should be disciplined, peaceful and in a civilized way. See the pics after protest:

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