Thursday, April 22, 2010

PTA must launch a WHOIS Server for Special Numbers & Shortcode Numbers

Last Friday, when I was offering my Jumma Prayer, my Cell Phone was Off! When I switched it on, I received a MISSED CALL ALERT from the Number "1999". When I tried to call back the respond was "Check Operator Services". Again a few days ago, when I was ready for Fajr Prayer in the early morning I checked my Cell Phone alerting two missed calls. On call back the response was same. I request PTA (Pakistan Telecommunications Authority) to provide a WHOIS Service for such short code numbers or give a detailed list of such number with their owners at its website. I know some of them like
6969: Mobile Zone (MZ) as well as DELL-Pakistan, 5454: Digital Pakistan, 1122: Rescue Force, 8250 & 8257: United Bank Limited, and so on......

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