Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bluetooth 3.0 Coming Soon!

A new version of Bluetooth may calm the frustation of users who have complained about slow transfer times between computers and peripheral devices. PhoneScoop is reporting that the Bluetooth Special Interest Group is prepared to unveil Bluetooth 3.0. According to the report, the third iteration of the wireless technology will allow for faster speeds, making synching a phone, transferring video or music libraries from device to device happen "in seconds." The anticipated launch has reportedly been targeted for April 21, according to PhoneScoop. The increased speeds that Bluetooth is touting come from the adoption of the 802.11 wireless standard. Devices will still be paired by Bluetooth, but when a large transfer is started, the device will switch to a Wi-Fi connection, allowing for the quicker transfer of files. But in order to achieve the speeds that are being touted, the devices must be enabled with both technologies, otherwise the transfer will take place through Bluetooth. A common complaint about previous generations of Bluetooth was that connectivity was often lost between a phone and headset when a mobile device was placed into a pocket, for example. Bluetooth is taking on this issue by introducing a new functionality called Enhanced Power Control, which the company says will result in fewer instances of lost connectivity.

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