Tuesday, March 10, 2009

ZONG SMS Directory

ZONG brings an exclusive SMS Mobile directory which offers mobile users the exact information they are looking for when & where they need it. By sending a single SMS to 456, a mobile user can find exactly what they are looking for in a given city, neighborhood, or street. ZONG’s SMS Directory has a consolidated database of nearly 45000 businesses across 240 cities/towns in Pakistan including the following major cities:

  • Islamabad

  • Lahore

  • Karachi

  • Peshawar

  • Faisalabad

  • Rawalpindi

  • Quetta

  • Sialkot

  • Multan

  • Sukkur

Database includes over 1000 ATM and Bank Branch locations nationwide, all 3800 PSO petrol pumps across Pakistan (including highways and motorways), hospitals, restaurants and many more businesses and services. This listing will continue to grow as new cities will be added over the passage of time. ZONG’s SMS directory is interactive, for example, if the user doesn’t know exactly what they are looking for, they can send a general search with city name, and the service will return to a list of closest matches to their request. If what they are looking for is not listed in the first reply, they can simply send a reply with the message “more” to view further results.

Call to Action

SMS Directory service is designed with ease of use in mind, hence the user can send any combination of search words to find what they are looking for. The only requirement is that the terms contain a full/partial city name. If the user wants a specific search, they can send the words “near” followed by the area or street name close to which they are looking.



Find restaurants in khi near Clifton & send it to 456

Will return the following:


P: 0215822249


P: 0215870026

Reply w/ 1,2 or 'm' for more

Replying to this with: ‘2’

Will Return:


P: 0215870026

A:S/No. SB-18 & 19, Sea Breeze Centre, Boat Basin, Blk-5, Clifton, Khi.



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