Sunday, March 22, 2009

Telenor Web Self Service

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Telenor has a unique service online and its name is Telenor Web Self Service. By this service, you can see your profile online which is in the record of PTA or

Telenor. Here you can see your Package, price plan, Name & Mobile number.
* Account and Expiry Date

* Call/Messaging Details
* Recharge History
* Friends and Family numbers
The most of all is that you can see the whole history of your balance consumption, your CNIC number, Date of Birth, Postal Address, Email address and active services. Here you can see the History of last 1000 call or messages.
Just go to and register your Telenor Cell number. Then the system will start collecting data of your cell number and after some days it will be shown online.But you can see your Profile at the same time when you register here. By this you can see that the number you are using is registered with your name or not. Whenever you call the customer services and ask about this service, the answer will be

We are offering Telenor Web Self Service to Postpaid customers only.


Well! It is quite possible that there may be more options for prepaid customers there, e.g. change of package, activation or deactivation of services like ZONG postpaid e-care.
But I am using this with all my Telenor subscriptions and you can use it also. Don't Believe me! Just try yourself.
It is not useful for you! OK, then try it for your girl friends or youngers etc.

Here are some snapshots of the service.


  1. roz roz band he kar datay hain ya to..............AISE HE HOTI HA SERVICE

  2. pata nahi ye k sey service hain rozana kharab rahti hain this is bed

  3. I want to ask that why this ( website gives me this (The connection has timed out The server at is taking too long to respond.) error please respond fast.

  4. You may check updates here at or for new address!