Thursday, March 26, 2009

How to get SMS alerts free on your GSM SIM

Asslam O Alaikum!

It looks very cool to get free SMS alerts on the phone. Here I want to tell you about geting free SMS alerts on the GSM Phone. It also depends on your GSM service provider. In Pakistan ZONG is the only Email to SMS service provider. You can get SMS alerts on your phone if you have a zong subscription (ZONG SIM) because ZONG is offering free email to SMS service now a days.
For example, you want to get BBC News alerts on the phone. Go to and hit the email updates by Email and enter your number email like and press "Subscribe".
The system will send you the verification email, then put that address to your computer's browser and press "Enter". It is verified now! WOW! You are getting email alerts. You can do this for anything that you like, e.g. Horoscope, News, Facebook updates, Namaz Timings, Twitter updates
and much more. ur Habib

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