Thursday, February 26, 2009

ZONG ... Say It All

ZONG ... Say It All: "ZONG once again sets to launch an interesting service (IVR Books) that includes something for everyone. This service is primarily targeted towards children up to teens and is also a useful service for housewives. Additionally, the service can facilitate subscribers that have difficulty reading or prefer audio/video based education & entertainment.

With this service, customers can listen to books practically from all major genres in English & Urdu by Dialing 26657 (Books). You can choose your language of preference by pressing 1 for English and 2 for Urdu.

Product Features

* Children Section: This section allows kids to play and learn in a new, interactive and interesting manner. The children section has an array of fascinating Short Stories and Nursery Rhymes to choose from.
* Cooking: Cooking recipes for a number of cuisines.
* Inspirational People: This section offers a wide range of books and articles of heroes from the past to choose from.
* Technology: This section offers information on New & Exciting Technological advance in the world of Science.


* IVR @ Rs. 3 +tax per minute."

I like this service very much & this is helpful to satisfy the needs of education on the go.

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