Sunday, June 8, 2008

Congrats - Ufone port in Successful!

I am very happy today because my Cell number is now ported to Ufone. I contacted to Ufone S & S C and they did not response again but whaen a female representative saw me very hopeless, she asked me about the matter because I was still standing along counter. Then I told her the whole Story of My application fo port in to Ufone. She checked the status and said to have a seat and wait for a while. I followed and after 15 min aprox. she called me again and said that your request will be proceeded in the following two days. Then I asked about the problem then she replied that the system was not showing the resend option for your request and now I have requested to administraors of the system and it will be solve in the following 2 days. And now it has been solved.
Thanks to that Female Representative.

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