Monday, May 19, 2008

Porting my Mobile number to Ufone

I requested to Ufone to port in my Mobile number to Ufone about ten days ago. But they did not response me in four working day as four working days is the minimum time to proceed. Then I visited the Multan Sale and Service Center of Ufone. Then they said that your was sent with donor network as Warid instead of Mobilink. I was so because I have already ported my cell form Warid to Telenor and the Djuice to Mobilink and now I has requested to Ufone but they did not pay attention as was required. The question arises that what was the to port my warid cell number to Telenor or to other networks?
  1. I requested to Telenor for Port In because warid was not suiteable for a student like me as its rates were very high in those days. So I saw the new and exciting rates of Telenor and Joined it.
  2. After some time I went to my villiage and there was no strong coverage of Telenor there and Mobilink Network was more strong than any other. So I decided to Join Mobilink.
  3. There are many problems for me to face about this network. First, I cannot use the service of Jazz Load because my cell number is originallay from Warid and whenever I am to use the service of Jazz Load, Jazz Load SIM replies "The phone number must start from '030'.".

These are the reasons for that I am to change the network again and I want to join Ufone for its wonderful SMS bucket packages and call rates and above all its network is very Good even in my villiage & I can avail all the web services and all else like U TOP UP etc.

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