Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The first wonderful "Space of Friend" in Pakistan

Assalam O Alaikum!
I have visited many websites and communities like MySpace, Orkut etc and spend most of my time there because there was no one site or community for Pakistanis and is not even yet but a new and exciting community and website which has launched in Pakistan is STOP.PK , where you can make friends, upload pitchers,create blogs of your own, make groups, share music, upload videos and much much more. I have joined that community and enjoying the services at on place. Oh Yes, If you want to buy or sale anything, you can list it. One thing which I forgot that you can get EasyLoad up to Rs.180. And if you are being bored, then play games or listen to songs and watch videos. I would like to say that it is the best web site and community in Pakistan. Why?
  • Because there was no community hosting website in Pakistan
  • Because there was no photo hosting website in Pakistan
  • Because there was no video hosting website in Pakistan
These services are bing provided here. And here is the list of services in your control:
  • Upload Pictures - ( e.g. Google Images, Photobucket.com)
  • Upload Songs - ( New)
  • Upload Videos - (e.g. Google Videos, YouTube.com)
  • Create Groups - (e.g. Google groups, Yahoo Groups)
  • Create Blogs - (e.g. Blogger.com, Wordpress.com)
  • Classified - ( New)
  • Create Polls - and get result about anything which you want.
  • Create Quizz - ( New)
  • Send Gifts to friends
  • Instant Messenger - Send Instant messages to you online friends (e.g. Yahoo Messenger)
  • Live Chat - (e.g. Yahoo Chat)
  • Guest Book -
And Sign Up and get all services free and free Easy Load as well. Stop.pk says
STOP.PK - One STOP that has it all
An improved Internet Lifestyle for Pakistanis by Pakistanis
And see me @ Stop.pk/urhabib

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